Rows Garden by Irregular Choice

I’ve had a thing about these Rows Garden boots by local Brighton boutique Irregular Choice since they came out. The girls in the store very sweetly found me a pair in a 42 (which I usually take in a ‘character heel’ such as Alice in Wonderland or Star Wars beauties, below) but finally a pair of Rows Garden were returned to HQ in my regular IC size of 41. So here we have them, complete with my husband’s orange socks with blue spots that I stole from him this morning:


As with all Irregular Choice shoes, to complement their unusual appearance the term Rows Garden is a quirky play-on-words. Named for Rowena Barriskill, a longterm fan of Irregular Choice, whose collection currently stands at 209 pairs of the Brighton footwear brand. I’ve been wearing IC shoes pretty much since the brand came into existence, but Rowena is streets ahead in terms of quantity and also general knowledge: she even runs a wiki Facebook page cataloguing each and every Irregular Choice release!

What I especially love about the Rows Garden boots is the – wait for it – irregular top and bottom where the fabric leaves and blooms extend over the highest and lowest points of the leather. The 3D aspect of the flowers bursting forth is also particularly pleasing (coral: yesss!), while the gorgeous shiny silvery blue base colour is just divine. I feel that from the colour-combination and metallic-detail heels this footwear could feel quite futurist and *Barberella-y, were it not for the floral subject matter.

So, more shoes in this colourway please Irregular Choice, this time with a space-age theme!

*Yes, Barberella-y is officially an adjective. Ahem…

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