Charlotte Sometimes: Mechanix

Sometimes I see a collection that truly makes me stop in my tracks. My heart soars and my spirits are lifted as the shoes, clothes or bags I see before me embrace fun, transcend fashion and forgo practicality to flip lightly up into the realm of utterly breathtaking.

I inhale the items on the screen before me, image by image, angle upon angle, sucking up the details, marveling at the design, exhaling deeply at the astronomic prices. I expect it’s easier to have artistic integrity when your product retails at the price of a family holiday, but I don’t think about that.

Instead, I think about art for art’s sake, about creativity as a form of self-expression, about having a tangible result of your experience and endeavour. And then I imagine the emotion of holding true beauty in your hands – beauty that you yourself made happen.

And then I want to share that feeling.

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