Positive Playlist: Archangel of Love

day-the-world-ended-the-times-fashion-model-pic-mushroom-cloud-atomic-bombEver a Contrary Mary, the damaging result of the US election has inspired me to compile a short playlist of three love songs to humanity. Perhaps together we can kill the hate with kindness.

Because I don’t think it’s an exaggeration to say that today was a very dark day for America and by extension, the world. Despite living in the UK, what happens in the US causes ripples right across the Atlantic. Personally, I feel less confident in the stability of our worldwide community due to the incoming American president’s clunky understanding of international politics, disdain for the environment, his complete lack of diplomacy and his trigger-happy headspace. Let’s not even mention his casual racism, xenophobia, homophobia, misogyny and accusations of sexual abuse (oops! Too late!).

Yes, all signs are now pointing towards Danger. Even here in the UK I feel less safe and less secure, yet increasingly certain that now more than ever we need to celebrate the beauty of an interracial, international community and show our solidarity for those the incoming President is marginalizing (in simplistic terms, anyone who is not like him).

Trump’s targeted exclusivity and victimising of minorities leaves a great many citizens of the US in a precarious situation: I’m talking people of colour, Muslims, those disadvantaged by ill-health or poverty, the LGBT community and of course women. And by the way, if you ever needed reminding of his objectification and mistreatment of the female sex, since August 2015 journalist Claire Cohen has been updating a list of Trumps sexist comments (and allegations) as they emerge. Sadly, it’s a list that looks to be growing ever longer…

It’s hard to see a positive side to such a dark day in modern history, when the disastrous US election results have even managed to out-Brexit Brexit! However, as my husband pointed out, it’s also a timely reminder that we all have the opportunity to get local and improve the things we can on ground level. Who knows, if we start small maybe our goodwill and positive actions could snowball into something greater. Think about it… After all, our world needs nurturing, not nuking.

With this in mind, I’ll leave you with this classic track by Ian Dury and The Blockheads Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3. In this particular YouTube vid someone’s conveniently included the lyrics, so you can even sing along should you so desire:

Feel free to add songs celebrating the differences in people in the comments section below. Let’s spread love x

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