Dressing Against Depression

colourmeabi-irregular-choice-shoes-flick-flack-pink-tights-karen-millen-miltary-coat-manic-panic-sunshine-electric-bananaI’ve suffered from Depression on and off for decades now, and I find that wearing bright clothes helps lift my spirits. When I wear colour I feel as though I’m fighting my inner darkness from the outside.

Medication, yoga and a SAD lamp help as well, along with a healthy diet and music (very important!), but it’s the little everyday action of putting on colourful clothes in the morning that sets me up for the day.

When I’m at my blackest I’m actually projecting how I’d like to feel: bright and cheerful, not shrouded in cloud. This means that when I’m feeling painfully low I’m carrying my shield around with me: I am the sunshine.

Cool shoes always lift my mood – and any look – so I often start from my toes and work upwards to instinctively find the outfit best placed to fight the Depression on any given day. Irregular Choice shoes always have a sense of humour, which makes them a great brand to build an outfit around. Likewise, United Nude have very quirky designs made of stunning materials.

Today, I’m dressed in pink tights and a teal dress with a blue military coat thrown over the top. That blue shade is pretty much as dark as I go in terms of colour, and although I do wear black it’s not often – although my faux-leather jacket from Zara does come in handy for throwing over pretty much everything!

Do you find different colours can alter your mood?

Coat: Karen Millen

Dress: Dorothy Perkins

Shoes: Flick-Flack by Irregular Choice

17 responses to “Dressing Against Depression

  1. Thanks Doll. Wow, lovely printed clothes and patterned bags! Loving your style: gorgeous.
    Thanks for stopping by, please come again *blows kiss*


  2. Yes! I practice this too! There were times when I thought I didn’t “deserve” to dress up, especially if I was around the house not going anywhere. But I find it’s a huge anti-depressant to wear something fun. It sends yourself the message that you’re worth the bright colors and the creativity.


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  4. I love this article. Would you mind if I featured it in my new mental health magazine? You can find us on Twitter: @Squeeze_Hug if you want to check us out first. This blog post perfectly encompasses our theme for November’s issue! 🙂


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