Happy Chrismukkah!

If you’re wondering how to celebrate your multi-denominational sympathies this season, how about enjoying some fun festive nail art? Subtle, affordable and as humorous, serious or lighthearted as you fancy, the world is your oyster – especially with gel polish brands like Gelish which can last over a fortnight with a bit of care, making it just right for the holidays!

Here’s the nail art Sami at Simply Pleasure hand-painted(!) for me, incorporating both Hanukkah and Christmas.

If you’re thinking of copying this idea, then I suggest you direction the nine Hanukkah candles, dreidel and Christmas motifs in the same direction (i.e: all cuticle upwards or nail tip upwards): you’ll notice we neglected to do this ourselves!

Christmas Xmas Holiday Festive Season Hanukkah Nail Art Chrismukkah Abi Bovary

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