Electric Bowie

Colourmeabi.com-urban-decay-eyeshadow-electric-palette-Bowie-inspiredUrban Decay’s latest Electric eyeshadow palette was gifted to me by my school friends. Having known me from the age of eleven, decades later they were spot-on when they surprised me with this collection of ten vibrant (mostly) fluoro shades.

My favourite colour was initially the lime-yellow Freak which looked both fresh enough to eat and great against my brown-green eyes.

But then, one Bowie-inspired evening I tried the pink Savage and orange Slowburn shades together, and blow me if they didn’t make all my technicolour dreams come true: I couldn’t get over the gorgeous matt velvet quality of the pigments; so appealingly delicious they were almost edible.

And then I came to Revolt: the silver. This is a true gem, being as it is a true metallic gleam – and, this is unusual – not some mere sparkly soupçon. Instead, it’s a deeply intense heavy silver shimmer.

Check me out: Smashbox Photo Finish make-up primer, Original Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion, Mac foundation, Clinique concealer, shiny pink Woodstock Urban Decay eyeliner, Loud & Lovely Mac lipgloss and pink Dior Addict It-Lash mascara.

I actually used a cheap and cheerful white mascara as a base for the pink Dior to make it stand out more, but I think the mascara would have been better placed against a clashing background to show it off more; maybe the Electric lime or turquoise eyeshadow. As it is, in retrospect it kind of gets lost.

What do you think?

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