Halloween Homage in Green


Trawling through Instagram for Halloween inspiration I came across several Pop Art-themed portrait photos in the style of Roy Lichtenstein. Various different Make-up Artists and bloggers have attempted to ape his classic pieces from the sixties, so there were plenty of impressive imitations to choose from. Now, I’d like to think I’m fairly adept at faceprinting, but these talented people take it to a whole other level – impressive stuff.

Nevertheless, with a disability-friendly evening out incoming, I decided on my favourite Instagram picture and had a go at replicating it on myself. Since my hair is currently various shades of green, I thought I’d keep that colour as a base for my face – as you can see!

They may say ‘A bad workman blames his tools’, but in this instance I think better brushes would have been a good start – as would professional theatrical face paints. Additionally, I couldn’t find my yellow contact lenses (which would have been the perfect tone for this look!) so had to settle for a purple lens instead… Lastly, instead of being in an habitual rush, it would have been great to have more time on my hands, as I imagine that to do this properly would take hours.

Likewise, as it was nighttime and I was gearing up for an evening out, my iPhone didn’t catch the colours particularly accurately – for example, the wall behind me is actually a strong cornflour blue. So to get closer to the shades as they were in real life, I’ve added simple Chrome filters on my iPhone to render the greens on my face as vibrant as I painted them. I’ve added a comparison photo here:


If I’d been better prepared I would have added a more original Pop Art blue to my paint collection, as the tears look strangely grey here – although saying that, so do the cornflour blue walls!

Anyway, I hope you like how my first Halloween face of 2016 turned out 🙂

Thank you Ellie H-M for the inspiration in pink, above. Please check out Ellie’s instagram to find how it’s really done!

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