Faux Mohican Motherfunker

If there’s a look I’ve always loved, it’s a Mohican. Unfortunately, due to the shaved sides it’s fairly final as far as hairstyles are concerned, so whilst I’ve happily rocked a blue fin (from a bob) and a head full of white spikes (likewise), I’ve had to find my way around the permanence of a Mohican.

Witness my own personal (and rather successful, I think) made-up take on a faux Mohican, styled from shoulder-length hair.

Here’s what you need:

Unwashed hair (too clean and it will just slip out of place)

A load of bobby pins/ hair grips

A doughnut hair ring/ hair sponge, cut into one long cucumber shape (or just un-pop it if you have one that’s designed to open)


colourmeabi pink fake faux mohican style

This is where you need a LOT of patience, because this hairdo is a pain in the head to do. I’m sure there’s an easier way, but this is how I managed it:

Spray hairspray throughout your hair to make it more malleable and sticky

Part your hair down the middle

Pin the long cucumber-shaped hair sponge along the length of your parting, from your forehead to the nape of the neck (you might like to experiment with how far forward to place the sponge, depending on how much of a quiff you want).

This is the tedious part (and like I said, I’m sure there’s an easier way), but…take a section of your hair and brush it upwards towards the centre of your parting.

Brush or pull your section of hair over the sponge so that it covers a width of it.

Tuck and pin the remaining hair underneath the sponge on the the other side.

Repeat with a section of hair from the other side, and so on and so forth until the sponge is covered and all hair hidden and pinned underneath.

Finish with a whole heap of very strong hairspray


By the end of this experiment you should have a lovely wide messy Mohican like mine. Let me know how you get on – and if you have any better ways of faking it!



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