Madame Bovary + Lady Gaga = La Lady Haha Lady Gaga Costume Fancy Dress Abi Bovary Geisha Wigs UK HM VersaceA couple of years ago we went to a New Year’s Eve party with an X-Factor theme. We were expected to dress as any contestant or guest star who’d appeared on the show.

So here I am as Lady Haha (see? I told you a sense of humour was an essential accessory for my kind of fashion!), wearing a Versace for H&M dress – how I loved that collection – and a detachable ponytail from a Geisha Wigs Cosplay wig (worn as a bow).

Geisha Wigs is my all-time favourite wig shop – I’m an avid collector when my budget allows – and I have used the two detachable ponytails which came with the three cosplay wigs I own (one in platinum similar to this blonde, another in pink and the third in cookie brown) to enhance many a fancy dress outfit.

Since I’ve anonymised this historic photo of myself, I’ve scoured the web for similar shu uemura turquoise false feather eyelashes to the pair I was wearing that night, and may even have found them below – just not worn on me! Still, the lilac eyelids against the turquoise lashes are rather beautiful: one for the future, perhaps…

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